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Shepherd  This is a bit of flash fiction I wrote for critique over drinks with friends at a writers convention. It’s only 1000 words of story, but it’s intimate and the writing is reasonably tight so I thought I’d use it to introduce people to my writing before they spent any more money. Although most of my writing is erotica, “Shepherd” isn’t so much. It’s not really “horror” either, just barely coming in under the wire for either of those categories. Though it’s still a good way to get acquainted with me.






A Game of Master and slave  This is a short story of a little more than 7,100 words written to be a sort of introduction to Dominance and submission play, perfect for a couple to read together. It’s set at an exotic resort and is an example of “romantica”, containing situations involving dominance and submission, slave play, voyeurism, and guided self-play as well as other intensely sexual situations.







A submissive’s tail  This is a short story of about 3400 words, where a young submissive works to atone for letting another man control her with a very handy handle of hers. It contains elements of dominance and submission, teasing, rough sex, and hints at spanking.








An erotic Hawai’ian ghost story Originally titled “Akua ka ‘ao Hawai ‘i”  A couple hiking deep within Maui’s Iao Valley stumbles upon an ancient, sacred Hawai’ian site where they discover much more than bones and relics. This novelette is a little over 14,500 words, and tells a paranormal story of “romantica” including aspects of voyeurism, sharing partners, a phantom warrior lover, and other intense sexual situations







A cappella  A paranormal short story of “romantica” detailing an out of body experience, a man in love seeking out his partner on the other side of the world and once there having a steamy rendezvous… all told from his point of view.








Some unedited ( ouch ) and non-erotic free stuff:

Firefly-Teaser  On a TV show, that few minutes of action before the opening credits roll is called a “teaser”. This is one I wrote for the Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”. I loved that gorram show.

Affirmation  He’s there for the most definitive moment of her life. And death, as it turned out. Did he cause it, or give her permission to do it?

Hole Lotta Fun  Just a pair of young serial killers, flirting at the mini-golf course and talking about next “clients”.

A Little Exorcise  An awkward high school boy moves beyond his first intimate relationship to one with a bit more fidelity. Breaking up with the ghost Resurrection Mary is not as easy as you might think, even if she doesn’t talk back.