prompt-changing room

Hey. I couldn’t help noticing… you keep eyeing that dress.

And making that face, every time you look at the price tag. Which is a lot.

I’m teasing you. And I know I’m a stranger, right? The older guy, totally perving. True, a little.

But you’re giving off this vibe like you’re in distress over that dress, and really I do just want to help. That’s a nice one you’re holding, and I’m sure you’d look amazing in it… but yea, I can imagine it’s not easy to afford, especially in this store. But really, if you’d like the opinion of someone objective, who knows women and understands how to buy clothes for a changing body, I think you should definitely consider this one over here, too.

Hi. I’m Parker. Slightly Nosy Fashion Expert. Who’s as old as your dad. Well, maybe.

Yea, this dress, right here. It’s a bit more sheer. Aaaaaand don’t look at the price. Right now, we’re just talking about what would look good on a young woman like you. I’m thinking that this would look amazing on you. As I look back and forth… I think you’d surprise yourself by how good you felt in it. It’s the kind of dress where you’d want to pull your hair up in back and see yourself from all angles in those big mirrors, in those nice plush dressing rooms. You might not normally think about this kind of dress, but you really, really should.

I know. It can be daunting right? Frustrating.

I know you’re nervous about going back there with a few dresses to try on. These women working here, they can be so prissy and bitchy if they think you can’t afford things. They expect you to have a ton of money or they don’t give you the time of day, right? I can help with that. I’ve got that look, right? Someone that can definitely afford to shop here. It’s the watch. Our maybe the spendy jeans and sport coat.

Let’s take this sheer one and a couple others. I’ll bring them up, and they’ll assume you’re my daughter. Follow my lead. You can try these on, and we’ll see how they look. I’m in a generous mood today. I don’t normally do this, but maybe if we find one that looks really good on you, we’ll see about getting it for you. Let’s go.

And hey… what’s your name?




Older man, younger woman, strangers at the mall. A bit pervy, but I like the vibe and simple naughtiness of it. He being confident, in control, and clearly looking.

Is she an innocent nubile, biting her lower lip and only vaguely aware he’s working to corrupt her for an afternoon? Or does she know what’s what, and a little achy at the prospect of attention from a fit man her father’s age, and maybe getting a dress out of what happens next? Does she recognize him? Where’s her boyfriend? Is she a friend’s daughter? Daughter’s friend? How old is she, anyway?

What’s her name?

Tell me about your character, and some things you’d like here. I’m going to be posting more than a sentence or two. I don’t mind pics at all. Let’s see what we can put together.