Gorean Kajira roleplay – oldschool AOL


( a doc I created about a hundred years ago for AOL gor newbs )

Gorean Kajira chars for newbs

Version 1.2

More than likely, you’ve read a little about Gor, or heard a little, and you want to play a kajira character. Maybe. But you’d like a little more info. Well, here ya go.
What is a kajira?

A kajira ( plural kajirae ) is a slave girl. She is the property of a Master or Mistress, and is used as that Owner sees fit. She has no possessions, not even her name, that are not given to her by her Owner, and it may be revoked at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. A kajira’s sole purpose is to please her Master or Mistress. This may be done through a variety of methods, but in the case of a Master and kajira, it typically involves sex; complete sexual submission, to the exact tastes of the Master.
A true kajira is not only sexually submissive to her owner, but he fully, truly claims her; heart and soul. Yes he can bring out the beast within by a mere look into her eyes… but any kajira held strictly within just the bonds of sexuality may very well grow frustrated after a bit. Sexuality is very important but it’s not the essence of the slave, merely an aspect. Without doubt a Master can bring her into her slavery forcing her to feel her belly ( her passion, her sensual heat as a slave ), but if its left to just that and she is unable or untrained to please in other fashions, the slave ( truly RPed ) grows restless and soon feels her only way to please is sexually.
Her submission is entire, and though she needs that sensual touch desperately at times she needs the complete submission to be truly whole. This means she is more than a sex slave. Playing her only as such will grow tiring after a while.
Who would enjoy playing a kajira?

Are you sexually submissive? Do you have an intense need to please and see the look of pleasure upon ones face no matter the task or how minimal it is? Do you like to dominated, controlled? Do you like the control you have over men who’s eyes are on you, who desire you, lust for you? Would you enjoy being a beautiful slave girl, either trained especially for the pleasure of men or a near innocent, in need of such training? Would you enjoy at a very fundamental the idea of being used as a purely sexual object by your Master, having him take from you what he needs, perhaps passing you around to his guests when he was finished with you? Does the idea of having your Master control every aspect of your life, of you finding yourself, your true heart, your ultimate heat in such submission make you tingle and ache?
If so, you might be a kajira at heart. Or at least enjoy playing one. A kajira is all of those things; exceedingly beautiful, born, bred or trained for the pleasure of men. To draw the eye and to provide exquisite pleasure. To be taken, used, commanded, owned body, heart and soul by a Strong man… If these ideas make you warm in a very deep place, you may enjoy playing a kajira.
What would I get out of playing one?
See the above. You’d get a chance to explore a side of yourself in RP that you may never be able to release in Real Life. You may find you enjoy that kind of attention, that kind of use… free from emotions and entanglements and judgment that would accompany such activity in the Real World. This is RP, and it’s all about personal enjoyment, fulfillment and discovery. RPing in general, a kajira in particular also sharpens your wits; being at the disposal of others, if you wish to avoid something specific and are determined to do so through RP, you’ll develop a pretty quick wit fairly fast. Also, being a good kajira demands creativity; as you ease into the role, watch other kajirae act and type, you’ll understand, and find yourself becoming more creative and expressive.
How common are kajira in online Gor?
Quite common. If you choose to play a kajira, you will have much company. There will be many resources for you to learn from, many “sisters” to give advice.
What are the different types of kajira?
Broadly speaking, there are a few classifications of kajirae;
“White Silks” are named because they are typically dressed in white. White silks have not yet been “opened”. They are pleasure slaves in training, at various levels of expertise of providing pleasure to a man and maximizing their own allure, but they still retain their virginity. Trained white silks ready for use bring a higher price in most cases than an equally experienced Red Silk.
“Red Silks” are kajirae who know men. They have been “opened”, and are free to be used by any Free Person. A red silk may wear any color her Master sees fit to clothe her in, the term  is traditional, although many Masters find red an appealing color.
Beyond the basic categories of white and red, there are other ways of describing a kajira, based on their basic function and training.
A Pleasure Slave is trained pure and simple for her Master’s pleasure. She is very appealing to the eye, and typically had long flowing hair.
Passion Slaves are a form of pleasure slave that have been bred under special conditions and painstakingly trained in their art. They are consummate courtesans; every Master’s desire. Passion slaves are typically purely sexual, and are not used for any other purpose.
Bath Girls are similar to pleasure slaves, their service typically being confined to a bathhouse ( a very popular way for the Gorean to unwind and relax ). They are expert in massage and the use of water. Their hair is typically cut short, and they are quite strong, developing powerful bodies spending much of their time swimming and serving in the baths.
Kettle and Mat Girls are servants; They typically have household duties including cleaning and unkeep, errand running and such. They are trained to be of service in the kitchen, hence the “kettle”. They are also physically at the disposal of their Masters, and may be used in a sexual way at their whim; hence the “mat”.
Tower Slaves are typically not used for sexual pleasure, but serve in menial tasks.
Other types of female slaves exist. Ferals taken out of the wild, Panther Girls, Bondmaidens, newly kidnapped and collared “savages” from Earth. These special types are difficult for the beginner to play ( with the possible exception of the newly arrived from Earth ) as they require a more detailed knowledge of Gor to play at an acceptable level.
What is a typical kajira like?
Hard to say; kajira are as different from each other as anyone else. But there are a few defining traits. Kajira are not shy… about their bodies, the use of their bodies, or the bodies of Masters. They are submissive at least in deed, if not in their heart. Most kajira live for the pleasure of their Masters first, with the pleasure of all the Free a close second. Most are not literate, although there are notable exceptions to this. They may be very intelligent and cunning. A typical kajira was probably at some point a free person who was enslaved, but many have also been raised as slaves.
Kajira with knowledge of fighting and weapons are rare beyond words.
Almost all kajira by definition of the term have a slave’s “heat”. A sensuality and a need to express it that goes deeper than most any common Earth woman. This heat is many things rolled into one burning, consuming passion- the desire to be taken, to be submissive to strong men, to be kept, to serve with their bodies and souls. This heat wells up inside a kajira and at times controls her, drives her.
How is a typical kajira kept?
A kajira is typically dressed in very little, showing off her body. Typically she wears very brief silks, accenting her curves, inspiring lust and capturing the eye of all men around her. The kajira wears a collar, almost always metal, sometimes very ornate, sometimes very plain and heavy, as a sign of her bondage. With these being the norms, a kajira may of course be dressed ( or not ) in any way that her Master finds pleasing. She may be adorned with jewelry, or bare. She may be pierced, her body decorated with art, or as smooth, supple and free of such adornment as the day she was born. Masters also enjoy variety, so many kajira are dressed and adorned to suit a particular mood; plus most adept kajira have a sense for what their Master enjoys, and changes her appearance to inspire more passion.
A kajira is kept as an animal, albeit a prized one. She may be led with a leash on her collar, or walk freely behind her Master, heeling him. At night she is typically kept at the foot of his couch, on her own mat on the floor with a soft blanket if he is without a companion. In all ways she is reminded that she is property, owned completely by her Master. In his presence she shows total submissiveness to him.
What are typical rules kajira must follow?
There are many specific rules, dealing with commands and positions; but in summary, a kajira is always absolutely respectful and submissive to the Free, available for use or punishment at any moment, and following her Master’s wishes as completely as possible. She is his property, and extension of his will.
What are my duties, as a kajira?
In a nutshell, pleasing the master. Typically in a sexual way, but this may also extend to cooking, cleaning, keeping up a household… any duty the Master finds appropriate for her. The pleasure slave, as opposed to the kettle and mat girl, is specialized to entice and deliver sensuality; but she must also be adaptable and well rounded enough to serve her Master’s non-sexual needs, if he requires it.
How does a female become a kajira on Gor?
A woman becomes a kajira on Gor in a variety of ways. Nonpayment of debt, captured in war, acting or speaking as a slave might in the company of a Free man who decided to collar her. A woman may also beg the collar, submitting to a Master and pleading for him to accept her as his slave. Also, a kajira may be born to it, raised as a slave, indeed perhaps even bred and trained for that specific purpose.
How do I find a Master for my kajira character?
You may have had one in mind when you created it; either you’ve seen the Master in question and you admire his RP, or you have a friend and the two of you agree that you’ll make a kajira character owned by him.
But besides these circumstances, how does it happen? You may create your character as a barbarian… I recommend this, actually. You are a girl just transported from Earth to Gor; maybe you have a rudimentary knowledge of things like positions, etiquette, and so on…  maybe you don’t know anything. But you are a kajira waiting to happen. The first male that comes along could claim you as his own. Or similarly, you may be a kajira who ( according to her background story ) her former Master was killed, or went to fight and set her free, or perhaps your family couldn’t pay it’s debts, and you’re a city-slave, waiting to be “sold”.
The above situations may be more “realistic”, RP and Gorean-wise, but there is an element of uncertainty there; any Master may collar your character ( or not; many slave characters go for long periods of time with no Master, unfortunately ), and that Master may not be to your mun-liking. This uncertainty, the gamble, adds a touch of realism and excitement for some; it is prohibitive and silly, to others.
How may she change Masters?
She may not, of her own will. But many circumstances dictate a change of Masters for a kajira. If she is abandoned by her Master, a kajira may wander until collared by another, though the trauma of being left is great, and damaging to the psyche of most.
She may be stolen from her current Master, this being the very epitome of tragedy or the essence of godly intervention, depending on the manner of her Master and how he keeps her.
Her current Master might be slain, leaving her as a prize for the slayer or cast out, if he does not desire to take her or slay her as well.
She may also be sold or traded. She is indeed property.
She may also be discharged from service, told simply to leave her Master’s presence. As above, this may either be painful or sweet, depending on how she feels about her Master.
How should she treat other sisters?
As the character would, of course, although there is no real advantage in boat-rocking or eing bitchy. Make it fun. Sometimes “fun” is being catty; most times it’s just being friendly, cordial, polite, and gossiping about Masters and especially Free Women.
In the end, other sisters are slaves as well; they may have advice, but probably have just as little yank ( all of their power being in influence they may have on their Masters, or gullible Free persons ) as you.  Happiness, as well as misery, loves company. Other sisters are also one of your best sources of information.
How should a kajira react to other girls a Master owns?
Again, in character… but a bit of advice here.
This is RP. On Gor, troublesome slaves are sold, beaten, whipped or slain with very little hesitation. Jealousy over the Owner’s attention, cattiness in regards to possessions the Master chooses to bestow upon his kajira, and so on are all potential sources of friction between sisters in the same household, and a typical Master will tolerate -very- little of this. Of course, skill at providing pleasure can mitigate some of this, but in the end, it really isn’t in the interest of self-preservation for sisters in the same household to fight.
That having been said, jealousies will arise. Almost everyone loses a character, a Master, or a kajira at least once over such things. Some more than that. Some just don’t work and play well with others, which can present a huge RP problem.
But part of what makes it so good is working through these things.
How does a kajira act around other Masters, not her own?
Much depends on the particular kajira.
A good kajira will strive for her Master’s touch above all else. If she is well kept by him ( meaning, her needs as a slave are tended to; this is –worlds- different then the idea of being pampered or put on a pedestal ). She is an extension of his will, and as such require him for completion. This having been said, she will also be keenly aware of her desire to serve, and the passion that is closely mingled with it. She will respond to the touch of any Master, delighting in the service she gives him and striving to be submissive and render him the most complete service possible..  but no other’s touch will compare to that of her own Master’s hand.
If a slave lusts and whimpers after the touch of other Masters, she is not Mastered well herself, and the situation should be resolved. If you play a kajira that lusts after multiple Masters, -any- Master, think twice before seeking the first hand that will collar you.
How does a kajira act around Free Women?
A kajira is respectful and cordial to a  Free Woman. The slave knows her place; to please and serve. There –are- times she will flaunt her sexuality in front of a FW, intentionally or not so, and this may draw the wrath of the FW ( who cannot express herself nearly as freely as the slave can ) A FW may be hateful or jealous of the slave for this,  but again it depends on the character you are playing, and the FW you encounter.  A kajira serves the FW with as much attention she does to a Master. If she is true to her collar and seeks to honor her Owner beyond her own self gratification, she does so willingly and eagerly, without spite or malice or contempt.
How does a kajira behave around her Master’s Free Companion?
Again, a kajira knows her place is to serve and please, period.
She is respectful as mentioned above with the FC and if problems arise of jealousy or dissension, the rule to follow in any such problem is to discuss the matter with her Owner.  A true slave can hide nothing from her Owner and always needs to be honest and trusting of him.  Should she show jealousy of a Master’s FC, a –true- Master will toss the slave without hesitation  If he –does- toss the Companion in lieu of upsetting his slave, He should rethink her status, or his own as a free man, a Master, and one who chooses a FC well.
Would you as a slave wish that Master if you are true to yourself and seek that complete Ownership?
May a kajira be freed?
Very few kajira are freed, although it does happen and –can- happen. In a “typical” situation, a  Master loves his slave so much he wishes he to bear his children; he frees her before she does so, thereby making his children free ( children born to slaves are slaves themselves ).
This may sound like a fairytale ending for the kajira…. But often it is not. The true kajira is one who feels her servitude, her slavery and all that it entails to her foundation. The newbie player might not, it may be something that develops over time. But, consider the psychology of such a kajira if she is suddenly freed, no matter what the reason; After discovering herself as a slave, after submitting totally and serving the needs of all free men, she now must keep herself in almost total reserve. She must dress as a FW, must conduct herself and speak as such. She must command respect from other slaves, as is her right as a FW. Many many true slaves are not up to this transformation. Imagine a truly free woman’s trauma being brought into complete slavery, but perhaps even more frightening.
To this add the fundamental compulsion to please her Master, and how this is at terrible odds with her own fear and “trauma” at being freed.
It can go well, but if the parts are truly played well, this is a –very- rare thing. Usually there will be serious problems. But not always.
So how do I create a kajira character?
My advice if you are brand new to Gor and don’t know the details of “proper” RP on/in Gor, then make your character a barbarian, a female slave girl brought from earth. Doing so enables you to work your inexperience into your character’s actions.  The experienced Gor players are –much- more lenient on ones obviously playing a part true to themselves… one that has no clue really what they are doing  :  )    Taking on a character who is born a slave on Gor requires a bit more knowledge of things like commands, positions, terms and phrases. It is soooooo much easier to play a barbarian, first time out. Make your weakness a strength; Many Masters enjoy training a barbarian kajira. This training may be worked out in delicious detail, or agreed to happen in non-RP time as the kajira-mun learns more about Gor.
Okay, so I’m a barbarian; a beautiful Earth girl brought to Gor to serve the pleasures of men.   N o w    what do I do?
Create a history for your character. It can be as short as her profile, or as long as a webpage. Look at other kajira profiles and pages; see what stories they tell. Almost all tell how old they were, or when they were “stabilized” ( aging can be stopped on Gor. This is called stabilization ). Most tell if they were born on Gor or brought from earth. All tell of former or current Masters, or if they have no Master, and why.
Men are very visual, and AOL men, Gorean Masters are no exception. Almost all kajira have a description or a pic on their webpage. This pic is not of the mun, but one chosen by the mun ( or sometimes the Master-mun ) to best represent the kajira. When choosing a pic, keep these things in mind; if it’s a photo, try to not chose a photo that shows something not found on Gor in the background… this includes carhoods, the inside of elevators, computers, and so on. You get the idea. Illustrations are just as valid and acceptable as photos are. Some mun players find a photo or illustration and create a character around it, some fine tune the character and search for the perfect representation of what they see in their mind. Either was is just as valid.
Make a bit of an investment of time and effort. And as you get more experience of have new ideas, round out your background a bit. If you get collared, it may be wise to ask your Master before you change your profile though; as his slave, your profile is a reflection on him, it is not truly “yours” any more.
So I’m a kajira, and I have my suspicions… what are some signs my Master may be an idiot?
Let’s turn this around, framing it in a more positive way, and listing the traits of a –good- Master. If your own Master is conspicuous in his lack of these traits, your suspicions should be raised. An exemplary Master will:
Not collar an abandon. Period.
It bears mentioning again. Any Master spreading his wings in his wildest fantasy and calling himself a true Master and man of Gor will not collar and abandon. If a man puts his collar on you, maybe dictates a few rules for you to follow, maybe spends a bit of time with you once after that and then is gone for a week or more, you’ve just been collared and abandoned, and your Master is an idiot.
In this same vein, a good Master will think long and hard before collaring a kajira on his first meeting her, unless the meeting was arranged through slavers, friends, etc. Collaring a free kajira on a whim or stealing one who is unknown to him ( or who’s Master is unknown to him ) generally is not the action of a good Master.
A good Master will have many interests, many duties, not just using you sexually.
One of the Master’s priorities will be the upkeep and training of his kajirae; He may do this himself, or delegate it, but how he treats his property, how he upkeeps and manages what is his own reflects directly on him as a man.
He will know the difference between a Free Woman and a slave. This means he will accord proper respect due a virtuous FW, always acting with her status in mind. He will also do the same with his slaves; acting properly here means using them for his pleasure at his will, seeing to their upkeep, disciplining them if they get unruly, and recognizing them as property. Though the lines tend to blur a little with exemplary kajirae, a good Master will –not- treat one as a FW. If he is looking for a mate, or someone to put on a pedestal or to bear his children, a Gorean Male courts a FW and takes her as his Companion.
A good Master will not punish you for pleasure. Gorean Men are supposed to be divested of such earthly hang-ups as insecurity and sadism. Life on Gor is hard, and there are plenty of targets for violence besides untrained, unarmed slave girls that would be slain if they touched a weapon.
In the same breath, he will not hesitate the beat of a heart to discipline his kajira, or any other slave who fails to show anything but the utmost respect in his presence. Wonder why there is so much bad RP, so many bratty slaves, so many Panther Girls and Ferals congregating at the Springs? It’s because characters trying to pass as Free Men and Masters of Gor do not exercise their inherent right to absolutely discipline the slightest transgression of this nature. It is a kajira’s nature to test her Master, though perhaps she is unaware of the testing, and it is also her nature to free accept and thank him for his discipline when it is due. Any man who shrinks from this is not truly Gorean.
When seeing to your training or development, a good Master will provide the means for you to learn what pleases him. Does a man not, when entering a tavern shout “Paga!” when he wishes paga, or “Ko lo na!” if that is his desire? When seeing to his kajira’s training, he should be at least as focused and communicative as he is when stumbling into a tavern. If not more so.  ;   )
A good Master will listen to you when you speak to him ( with the proper deference, of course ) concerning problems with sisters, the Free, ferals, and assorted riffraff.
A good Master may sell you, trade you, discharge you from his own service ( not the same as freeing you ), and cast you out if you and his free companion cannot work and play well together. All of these things are the hallmarks of a Man who knows what he wants, and acts to get it. They are the signs of a good Master, though they may seem the actions of a harsh man.
Your mileage may vary, of course. Your Master may be compassionate yet firm. His mun may have a hellish schedule, but be a very good Master when he is around, seeing that you’re looked after. A good Master may collar a girl, and very soon thereafter decide he acted wrongly, and release you. A good Master may know a quality kajira when he sees one, and snap you right up on your first meeting. The above things to watch for are trends, guidelines.
What about crazy play? Do I have to turn into a chicken, if a Master casts a spell and tells me ‘slave, you’re now a chicken’…?
A spell? A chicken???
There are two schools of thought on this. Probably more, but two broad ways of thinking. The first would say well, yea…  you’re a slave, you have to do what the Master tells you to. If they say you’re a chicken, you’re a chicken. If a FW character takes you aside and wants you to perform for her sexually, well, you’re a slave, right?  These particular people are generally very Dom in life, and not very Gorean in their play.
The other school of thought, the one I espouse and the much more accepted and mainstream way of thinking is different. For most, it is perfectly acceptable to opt out of non-Gorean play. If play isn’t by the books, you may ( some would say should, even more would say you are obligated to ) opt out of it, ignoring the offending player(s). My feeling on the matter is that if you encourage panther girls in the gardens ( where they would never be ), If you allow ferals to sniff random crotches ( which they wouldn’t; they’d be slain in a heartbeat ), if you allow your character to be magically turned into a chicken just because a “Master” claims to have that ability…  you are contributing to bad RP, and doing the whole Gorean RP a disservice.
In conclusion…   this is a very brief FAQ. It’s meant for newbies who are thinking about playing a kajira here on AOL Gor. There are certainly -way- more complete ( and typo-free ) sources of info on Gor out there. Be that as it may, I’d love for this document to be as good as it can be. If you have input, let me know. There are more FAQs on the way.