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I write erotica because I love it. I like exploring the power dynamic, with dominance and submission themes deliciously woven into most of my work.

In my writing, I bring mostly-normal people into delicious situations where the boundaries of society are pushed back, the sensual nature we all have tapped into and set loose. Voyeurism, partner-sharing, heroine peril, transformation & objectification, erotic bondage and service, a taste of pain, and pushed boundaries are tastefully arranged with vivid imagery and shocking action.

I particularly enjoy writing for those new to erotica, who are just starting to discover their desires and boundaries aren’t where they assumed, or where mother taught them to be.

When I’m not sculpting sensual scenes at the keyboard, I hold down a high-end nerd job, lounge in a hammock on Kauai, flirt and sweet talk more than I should, run on country roads because I have to, and now and then design a game because I love it.

I occasionally go to writer or gaming conferences, but mostly I interact with people who love erotica on Litererotica.com or Elliquiy.com. In real life I am past my 30s, tall, broad shouldered, light hair and eyes, and look like a Hawaii college professor. A cool one that was a US Marine when he was younger.

Write me a note. You can reach me by email at:

parker ( dot ) d ( dot ) dupris ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

I can be found on Amazon in their Author Pages: amazon.com/author/parkerdupris

I’m also toying with a YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/ParkerDupris

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