prompt – free use beach house: down on her luck

by Parker Dupris

The idea of “free use” is just that – the complete submission of someone, making their body available completely for the free and unrestricted use of someone else. Or more commonly, a group of others. Lots of free use stories and prompts are set in worlds or alternate realities where free use of women is common; their status is such that they have no rights, and every man is entitled to make whatever sexual use of them he desires, at any point. Visiting a friend? Standing in a long checkout line? In a boring meeting? All suitable places to just grab the nearest attractive woman and make good use of her for your own pleasure.

This can definitely swing other ways: free use of men, free use of the interns at work, or whatever. When I was exploring the idea of free use I thought I’d bring it more to the “real world.”  I also enjoy themes of corruption, transformation, dominance and submission, and ritual as well, so I worked those into a prompt. 

“Just stand there so the four of us can see you, Amanda. I know it puts you on the spot, maybe makes you a little self-conscious and nervous, but that’s part of the point of this here ‘interview,’ isn’t it? And the living room of a nice beach house isn’t the worst place to be interviewed, is it?

“And I gotta say, after you stripped down to your bikini, even though you were real nervous I gotta say your stock went up with us in a big way. You’re hiding quite the body under those clothes. Ain’t she, guys?

“Okay, so here’s how we understand the situation. You came here for a semester at the church school expecting room, board, and a quality college education for a few months here in paradise. Beaches, palm trees, Coronas, services a few times a week, calls with the boyfriend back home every night. But then life took a hell of a left turn on you.

“Scholarship dried up overnight and suddenly you had no place to go and no money to go even if you had a place. Stranded in paradise, too stubborn to leave, to proud to ask daddy for money, too embarrassed because you know the boyfriend probably couldn’t pay for a ticket back home either, too ashamed that the church put you in this position to say anything about it to anyone. So here we are.

“Probably the first time a girl like you has ever been homeless. Sleeping on the beach. But after last night we know that’s really not an option. And make no mistake Amanda, last night you were lucky, that all coulda gone way worse, believe me. This is paradise, but still. A girl all alone, broke, and desperate looks pretty tempting to a lot of people.

“So me and the boys have discussed it, and we have a proposal.

“You stay here with us, in the last bedroom. You save face with daddy, you protect the boyfriend’s feelings and reputation, you don’t make the church look bad by raising a stink, and you get to live here in paradise. As far as anyone outside this house is concerned you’re just a college transplant from the mainland, living it up.

“But in this house, when you’re through those doors, you are our property. Our little fucktoy to do with whatever the fuck we want. We’ll never injure you or cut you, but your body will be at our complete disposal while you’re here. All your expenses… well, we’ll split those up between us. But your job, your avocation here in paradise is being our little free use whore. One of us alone in his bedroom at night or out here at the kitchen island in full view of the others. Or all of us at the same time here on that very sturdy dining table. If one of us says ‘raise that skirt and bend over’ that’s exactly what you do. Immediately. You keep yourself looking hot – we’ll help with that, picking outfits and so on – but your focus is on being available to and servicing all our cocks 24/7. You wouldn’t be a prisoner and of course. you could come and go, have a life, take classes at the community college if you want. Surf. But in this house… you’re our little Mandy. Our cumtoy.

“I can see by looking at your face and body you’re having all sorts of reactions. Not surprising. You’re looking at each of us and we’re all different, for sure. We’re all fit, or super fit in Chad’s case, Each of us has a different way about us, different temperament. But each of us has bit of pent up cum backed up… and that’s where you come in, Amanda. Each of us would love to stretch out that sweet little pussy of yours, and we don’t mind sharing you. Actually, we really like that idea, passing you between us. That pouty mouth and so on. God-damn! I bet all of us are having the same thoughts about dirty contests, keeping you a secret from our girlfriends, and all those little details. Anything you don’t know, I expect you’ll learn as you go.

“But I’m going to need your answer, Amanda. If it’s no, that’s fine of course but then you’ll be back out on that beach with nothing but that little bag you managed to hang onto straight away. And sun sets in an hour…