Massage as an erotic conversation

by Parker Dupris


A body’s language can also be spoken, and heard, with touch.

We each have our own applied body language, the many ways we love to be touched; gestures of the hands that form unspoken words of caress and knead. These “words” flow into sweet sentences, paragraphs that a talented masseuse whispers to your body, and your body responds. Some of the phrasing we know, long for. Much is undiscovered, waiting to be brought to light.

In the best of massages, it really is a conversation – the masseuse is speaking to your body, and you’re speaking back to her. Often it’s with your own body’s responses; a subtle arching of the back, a tightening followed by loosening.

An acceptance, and invitation of the touch, to “talk” further.

The massage studio is a place of intimacy. It’s warm, soothing, and accepting. You shed your clothes and other armor, and let your body be spoken to by one who knows how. They receive you, starting the intimate conversation with their hands, and more.

Getting to know a skillful masseuse, visiting her again and again, brings the dialog, the body languages being spoken, to a different level. Is your partner an intimate of yours, or someone specifically trained in speaking your body’s language?

Either way, letting someone become fluent in your body’s language with a long, intimate massage, you learning the language f their hands and other parts upon you, and how you express back to them with how you move your body under their hands, are all signs of an afternoon well spent…  Heavenly, you could say.