writer seeks research assistant

by Parker Dupris


Have you ever fucked in a public place?

You know how it goes: there’s the initial looking around, the nervous smile, slipping away. Pants undone and skirt up, panties pulled aside… maybe a hand over your mouth to help you keep quiet.

That delicious urgency, the rush of possibly being caught. The sounds of people fairly close. And then wondering if the world can tell you just got fucked, back there.

The smug idea you just got away with something. That sort of thing.




I’ll be in a major US city for the winter quarter and I’m looking to do some research for a series of stories I’m writing, and some related blogging. You’ll never be named or photographed, but I’m looking for someone a bit adventurous.

We’ll explore the idea of public sex – quiet corners, coatrooms, handy stairwells, changing rooms, and so on. I have a list of 20 landmarks in this amazing city of big shoulders; I need a creative partner to help me knock out this list.

I’ll pay all fees, tickets, meals, etc. It’s all research, right? I prefer students or would-be writers, but these aren’t hard requirements. If you like to write that’d be sweet, but I can handle that end of things.

If this sounds interesting to you (or a fun friend of yours), message me. Put a location or landmark you can imagine fucking at in your subject so I know the idea made you tingle.