my friend’s hot mom

by Parker Dupris


I have long been a fan of the age dynamic, the sensual tension that can arise from a gap in ages.

I know this comes from a variety of places; a differential in experience, confidence. One partner may have had a lot of success in the world, and the other is just getting started in life. Master/mentor, Daddy/little girl, and so on. I’m particularly fond of the taboo relationships – Teacher/student, Dad /daughter’s friend, Supervisor/intern…   that power difference, world difference can add a lot of the sensual tension. In life I’m a slightly-older guy, so this fits and is easy to write.

But before I was an older guy I was a younger guy. I had an extremely buxom eighth grade teacher, think Christina Hendricks, and she was given to wearing tight blouses. This had the effect of branding my hormone-riddled brain, permanently gracing me with a fierce lust for “older women.”

So. Much. Naughty. there.

Mom, or the Mom Figure, taboo in an Oedipal way. The difference in experience. The idea she’s “supposed to be” prim and proper, not sexual. God, how I lusted after attractive teachers, friends’ moms, working mom clerks at the checkout counter. It didn’t matter. My young cock would budge in my private school corduroys as I got swept away by MILF daydreams.

As I get older, I still enjoy older women. Quite a bit. But I’m conscious that the4re’s a line somewhere. Certainly “older” changes as I age myself, and I’m surprised sometimes by who and what turns me on. But as I’ve mentioned I’ve sort of diversified in my love of the age gap. But always and forever, I will love the hot mom, the dirty milf.

Is she a bored housewife? Is she trying too hard to hang onto or recapture her youth with clothes, being her daughter’s best bud? Competing with the young girls for attention?  Is she the packaged MILF, body a work of art and medical science painstakingly maintained? Is she spilling over with womanly, motherly curves, moving through her sexual prime? Is she pushing the slutty thing a little hard? Snapchatting and sexting? Something’s going on there, maybe broken, definitely delicious.


Dominant MILFs. Submissive MILFs. Subject of blackmail, boredom, bimbofication, master/slave, randy bored suburban scccermoms dallying where they should not? Off the boat older wives and mothers looking out for their sons and daughters but letting their eyes wander? The weary working mom who can’t hide her sinful curves, the echo of wild child still alive somewhere in her eyes?

All of it, and so much more. Hardbodied European GILFs showing camel toe at the beach?

As I’ve said, I’m surprising myself. I think a few stories with older women are in order. Maybe that will help get this off my brain, so I can focus on something else?