Holy crap is Vellum awesome

by Parker Dupris


When I’m not ogling camel toe, tying women up, giving a knowing wink to that tasty young girl wearing a choker, or other assorted perversions, I write the occasional bit of erotica.

Long form, short form, or roleplay. I love writing sculpting scenes with words almost as much as I love doing it in real life. For me they’re like different sides of the same coin, indulging in each making the other better.

To write something for publication I usually use Scriviner, although sometimes I’ll slum it an use TextEdit or Google Docs. It depends on what’s at hand, and what I need to do. Scriviner is a must for longer work, Docs is best for work that’s going to take a while as I can share drafts between devices, and TextEdit is just hand and gives me that idea that whatever I’m writing can be seriously rewritten at any momemt. Kind of like sketching on the back of a bar napkin.

Enter Vellum. I discovered this gem the other day, and I was a couple years late to this party. Vellum isn’t really software to help you write, but it’s hands-fucking-down the best solution I’ve ever used to publish something.

You open up your .docx file with Vellum, and watch a magical transformation happen. If you’ve never published anything as an ebook before, I’ll tell you something – formatting in general, and for each individual storefront ( iTunes, Amazon, etc. ) is a pain in the ass. If you want your work to look polished and special at all, you have a thousand hoops to jump through. Non-fun. But Vellum makes all of this a snap.

You’re a bit restricted here; you have to use a combo of the many styles that Vellum offers. But there’s a ton of variety, and the publishing comes off flawlessly. Your file looks like it was tweaked by a professional, very sweet indeed.

They have an interesting license/payment model. The software is free to download and use, and you only pay when you want to publish. It’s about $27 USD per title, or you can buy a pack of 10 “publishes” or an unlimited license. I recommend downloading the software, being wowed by it, and picking up one publish to start. My guess is you’ll be hooked, just like I was.

If you’ve never published before, you can give it a spin up to the last step without paying a dime, and you’ll be amazing at how elegant your book looks.

The writing… well, that’s up to you. But take their sample docx. file and give it a whirl.



Here’s a pic of noted MILF Crystal Driggers, just because.