up on the block

by Parker Dupris

126698469942746Here’s the fantasy, the roleplay prompt, the setup for some bit of short fiction:

You’re going to be sold.

The sound of heavy chains clinking, the murmur of the crowd, the odor of wine, perfumed bodies, scents of anxiety and delight, the touch of a critical hand, the rising race of the bidding, the crushing confusing realization of a lack of bidding.

You’ve been captured and interred, and now you’ll be property. Owned by the highest bidder and used any way he wants. Any way he finds you suitable for.

You’ll be an investment. A personal plaything whose only goal is to be pleasing – to the eye, and whatever else needs pleasing. You’ll be a private object of his pleasure, a public display object of beauty for when he looks up from his work, a tool of business to help sweeten the smallest of his business deals, or a bauble to be momentarily gifted to his friends, for favor and amusement.

But first, you’ll be auctioned. Assessed. Reviewed and critiqued by those gathered. Discussed. Posed. undressed and re-dressed.

Bid on.

Then you’ll be stripped, collared, branded, attired as your new owner desires, crated up, and delivered to him for his final inspection.

Your life is his, and your life depends on how you affect his pleasure and disposition – the one bit of power you have left.

kneelingI’d love a bit of slave roleplay, how about you? Were you born to this, trained and now finally being sold? Were you captured or otherwise taken against your will, now subject to this ultimate of humiliation, to be sold and owned?

I enjoy ancient riffs on this – Greek or Roman. I also very much enjoy alt-modern setting where slavery is legal, either suddenly because of a change in laws or as an ongoing fact of life you’ve been caught up in. I also enjoy scifi settings, Gorean and others, and can roll easily there.

In addition to “the usual” with Owner/slave stories, I’m down with transformation, Older/younger ( either way ), and/or race play if that’s your thing. Let’s discuss.