worth a thousand words, at least

by Parker Dupris



You’ve all heard the saying before, right? About pictures, and how expressive they are, more so than “mere” words.

Today wasn’t the first time I’d come across this particular picture in my perverted online wanderings, but it was definitely the last time I would without doing something about it. A serious number of my personal kinks and writing peccadilloes are wound up in this one image.

If she were cheating while doing this, in the process of transforming into a bimbo or neko, a heroine in peril, a realtor being blackmailed, a secret smoker, the friend’s daughter, daughter’s friend, the out of control mom, the owned and training little plaything-possession…  that’d be just about all of it.

I’m apparently all over the place.

It’s also a respectable loop, and a great demonstration of a bit of technique. Look at her eyes, where her tongue and hands are. She has him, is playing him like a fine instrument, and doing so with great intent.

I also adore long straight dark hair, and pale skin. Not to the exclusion of other looks of course. But it’s one of many looks I’m drawn to.

If by some slight chance you know the source for this, I’d be very interested in knowing.