ready to serve

by Parker Dupris



Been giving some thought lately to the idea of a woman being on display, for the purposes of being bought. Displayed for the eyes of men intent on assessing her, to see if she’d make a good acquisition. Put up on the block. Displayed for the pleasure of other, with the idea of enticing them into parting with some coin. This is part of the process I fleshed out a bit in my modern service post, a while back.

Would she be a good purchase?

Worth the time I’d take to train her, to sculpt her? How would she need to be shaped after purchase? Her hair, her body, totally up to the Owner. Piercings, tattoos, brands, colors, increases, decreases, and all the little details. What needs to be done to shape her?

Is she a good investment?

What would it be like, to be so exposed, to reduced down to almost nothing except beauty and potential for sensual service?

Hard to say, but it starts with an initial assessment. She’s on display, and the broker is happy to help you make your buying decision an easy one. Will she give good service to a strong owner?