roleplay prompt – raceplay

by Parker Dupris

I’d originally posted this in the DirtyPenPals subReddit, but thought I’d bring it over here. And do I need to say this? In real life, racism, showing negativity based on one’s race, or humiliating or degrading someone based on their race is awful. In fantasy…  well. Hmmmmm.

I’d like to explore the fantasy of race play in writing and roleplay, with the theme of a white man in a position of power over an Asian woman – his government having occupied/colonized her homelands.


This was inspired by a recent prompt by “/u/korean_on_her_knees” on Reddit and some relevant discussion on raceplay. My take below is definitely kind of a riff and elaboration on her prompt, and I certainly meant no writerly disrespect in sculpting and extending it a bit.

I want to explore raceplay. I’m familiar with creative, detailed rp writing with D/s, humiliation & degradation, and other power dynamic concepts taking center stage, both in one-offs and long-term. But I’d like to explore these ideas with race as a central theme. If these ideas make you tingle and ache, drop me a note and let’s see what we can put together. I like the idea of a powerful white guy, a member of the conquering, occupying class together with a beautiful woman from the subjected class. As to what “Asian” means, specifically…  I’m open.

Secure Communication:

LCJ Finishing School for Women
UOA License – B22366
Attn. Headmistress Song


Upon review, I have found the bid of Lotus, Chrysanthemum & Jade acceptable and your presentation noteworthy. In general, we have found filling open positions through organizations such as yours provides us with better long-term fits for our requirements than just screening and mandating members of the Occupied Population for service ourselves.

Of course the Office of the Marquis may select from the widest and deepest of pools for individuals to fill positions, but we are pleased with the portfolio you’ve sent us, the manner you’ve conducted your business, and your organization’s overall reputation for quality. We wish to proceed accordingly.

Let us first attend to the matter of selecting a coadjutant for the Marquis. The best candidate for selection will be:

  • an outstanding young woman of local beauty and grace
  • lithe and curvaceous in figure with long, silky, dark hair
  • She will be fluent in our dialect as well as others in our requirements document
  • She will be capable of pleasing presentation for extended periods of time, be the epitome of discretion, swift obedience, and submissive eager service.
  • There should be no trace of Resistance activity in her family, the neighborhood she was raised in, or where she matriculated

Please note that while all points here should be given serious consideration, this last requirement is inviolate.

The girl we select will accompany the Marquis on all itinerary points, be present during all but the highest-level meetings. She will be charged with basic and directed ornamentation, oral and manual tension relief, and other physical services according to the whim of the Marquis. Her initial duties will be limited and physical, but should she prove capable and pleasing to the Marquis her responsibilities may be broadened. She will be outfitted and prepared by our staff appropriately for the venue/occasion/duties in question.

I have reviewed your portfolios of initial selectees and find all of them agreeable, with the exceptions of #7 and #2. Please remove these women from further consideration in this matter, and all subsequent with this Office.

The Marquis has an opening in his schedule a week from tomorrow, between the local hours of 1900 and 2200. Please be able to accommodate viewing and interviewing of the remaining girls in your selection/lot, as well as a reception of a party of 10-12 appropriate to the status of Marquis Vaughn. In addition, please have the indicated selectees attired and made up in sophisticated but pleasing attire for high-visibility servants appropriate for upper-level business meetings. The Marquis has historically favored women who are slightly more made up, to accent the physical nature of their service and ornamentation in the performance of his duties and theirs.

If you have questions before our meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact this Office. I hope we can continue to do mutually pleasing and beneficial work together in the months ahead.

[ digital seal ]

Major Stephen St. John-Smythe
Office of Marquis Vaughn
Unified Occupying Authority

tags – #dominant white man, #sub asian woman. #BWC, #Dub con, #scifi, #alt-modern, #cock worship, #public scenes, #oral, #hand job, #mild humiliation & #degradation, #short-term, #long-term

I set up the above with the idea that there could be an interview, but we could just start play as if she’s selected. As I’ve said, although this prompt is a bit wordy, I’m open to short term or long term exploration, here.

I enjoy RPing with avatar pics ( of models, not ourselves ) but this isn’t mandatory.  Some days I can reply back and forth for hours, some times there will be a gap of days with just a short message here and there. I’m comfortable using Reddit, but I’m definitely open to Google Docs. I’ll use Kik or whatever if you’d like to OOC chat that way, but I can’t really RP that way. I expect both of us to move the story along, both of us to affect pacing, and both of us to entice the other.

Still with me? Let’s discuss.