more thoughts on bimbofication

by Parker Dupris

I’ve been thinking more about bimbofication lately, the idea of a woman transforming from someone “normal” to an ultra-feminine, hyper-sexual object of lust and desire; a toy. This is about a journey, objectification and fetishization.

I thought I’d extend from my previous post on this. The idea of a woman transforming to a very specific look, and all that this might entail as it happens over time, can be profoundly arousing. This ( long ) essay is for reference and story purposes, or maybe to seed roleplay, and it seems like there’s some fertile ground, here.

The story would be mostly about objectification, and her drawing towards a goal of conforming to that “ideal” our sexual culture seems to bang on so hard.

It’s an ongoing process that takes place over time, a purposeful transformation from something not-bimbo to bimbo. In my mind, the gradual transformation is more erotic. “Bimbo” as a goal is a very sculpted destination, arrived at with effort. The whys, hows, and ancillary effects are intriguing and hot.


Why is she making the transformation? Is she doing it consciously, or is someone else pulling the strings? How do the changes unfold over time, and how do they affect her life? Her perception of herself and those around her?

It could also be “his” story, the idea of a man controlling this, sculpting her into this living sexual object of perfection. His story or hers, both are intriguing to me.

Becoming a bimbo – who would do this, intentionally? How does it affect a person? What if it were not intentional, if a woman was transforming due to some outside influence beyond her control? Slowly moving her body and perception from the familiar to something new and entirely different.

How would her world change? Her self-image? How much of all that is rooted in her body, or how others perceive her body?

Not dumb

I should note that when I say “bimbo” I do not mean “dumb,” although I know that’s a serious part of the stereotype.

It doesn’t do much for me story-wise, the idea of her being vacant and stupid, and I think that deviation from the trope makes things a bit hotter. In almost all bimbofication fiction you see a gradual ebbing away of the woman’s intellect; instead I like the idea of exploring the transformation with this part of her intact. She realizes it every step of the way, she may struggle against it, having to deal with the effects of it, but she’s not getting dumber.

Another bimbo stereotype is long, blonde hair. This is also not a requirement for me, and need not be present in the story. Our transformed beauty’s hair should be full, teased, and noteworthy…  but need not be long or blonde.

The Bimbo Frame – Bodily Traits

Of course, the bimbo’s body is built for sex and sexual allure.

Someone has meticulously engineered her physical form to a specific look, to display the goods in a very sexual and eye-candy, crafted way. This includes makeup done in a very specific pattern, hair and lips done up for maximum attention, as well as all other parts of her body. Nails, a tan, her feet…  all “perfect.”

A bimbo’s breasts are a prime feature, one of the key aspects of her ongoing transformation and objectification, something that draws the eye and makes the male libido race.

Typically, the bimbo’s breasts are artificially enhanced to attention-getting proportions. I think they need not be artificial, but they need to be large, and “perfect.” Her outfits always make maximum display of her chest.


A bimbo’s style can be tawdry and cheap, it can involve piercings and tattoos, but it can also be sophisticated… as long as it’s right up to that line of inappropriateness. Again, her fashion and physical presentation makes maximum display of her frame, all for the purpose of being pleasing and drawn the male eye.

Her lips are full, lush, with just past what would be considered normal fullness, or larger. Along with her breasts, the lips are a bimbo’s hallmark.

Heavy ( though well-applied ) makeup is the norm, as are boots, jewelry, and other sexualized adornments.

The Mental Traits of a Bimbo

For my purposes, I have a particular set of traits in mind for the end-result bimbo in my stories, in addition to not-dumb.

She’s hyper-sexualized, in heat most of the time, constantly mindful of sex to the point where it interferes at times with normal activity. She’s undergone a serious transformation for one purpose – to be an object of sexual desire, and her increased libido, her intense need is a final expression of this.


At times perhaps her cognition is fuzzy due to this, the need getting in the way. That’s as close to “dumb” as I’d like to go.

Hand in hand with her preternatural libido and perhaps even more fundamental is her desperate need for attention, to conform to the bimbo “ideal,” and an insecurity about straying from this. Let’s call this the Bimbo Mindset.

The mindset is powerful, and affects her almost all of her actions and decisions. There’s a constant need for affirmation, attention, approval from aroused males. She draws comfort from this.

I also see her as being submissive by nature. I don’t think she submits to all men, just confident strong ones. Her physical beauty and allure can be intimidating and enables her to be more picky with suitors. But submissiveness, the acceptance of dominating authority over her, is a natural trait for her bimbo nature. Maybe she doesn’t start out this way, but the object, the toy, is definitely not in control. She’s there to be admired, sought after, and used.

More mental traits of the bimbo – a strong “don’t worry, no responsibility, no repercussions” worldview goes with her objectified status. She’s not like other people, so isn’t subject to the normal consequences and doesn’t consider them much, if at all. A side effect of this might be that negative effects ( that don’t have to do with personal insecurity about her look ) are short-lived. Many things get taken care of for her, so she starts to lose touch with the importance of details non-bimbos consider essential.

As mentioned above, the desire for attention, to be admired and desired, to be sought after, is paramount, necessary to the bimbo. This is her oxygen, and anything that interferes with this is not desirable. This desire is a constantly-burning fire, an ache she has and can never fully quench.

Also, she is by nature shallow, valuing looks and gratification above most other things. An attraction to money and people who have it goes hand in hand with this, as it typically insures the former two. Also, her new lifestyle takes money to upkeep.

Along with this, the bimbo in her objectification is looking to be treated as such, and part of this is a serious desire to be taken care of. Adored, but also supported.

A bimbo isn’t so interested in taking care of herself as she is to be free from such concerns to pursue pleasure and continue chasing her fetishized ideal body. She knows men respond to her, and she uses this to her advantage. Along with her submissive nature, she needs deep down to be used, to be the useful object she has striven to become.

Finally, she strives to be “perfect.” The bimbo’s quest to be the “ideal” woman is never finished in her eyes.

Starting point for transformation – the antithesis of Bimbo

So in a story or roleplay where a girl/woman became a bimbo, where do we start with her character? Near the opposite end. She need not be unattractive, but the physical and mental building and transformation should be dramatic, cause tension and conflict for her. It should clash with her self-image, her ideas of what’s “right.” I see the tension here being very erotic – maybe she despises the look and mindset and ideals of bimbos, yet as she slides down that slope, her body and nature are betrayed. The increased attention, the power, and sexual gratification she receives… all of these things push her further along, as unwilling as she might be, at first.

A good sketch for a place to start:

  • she has a petite body, flat features
  • her breasts are either quite small, or at least not a size of note
  • she’s pale
  • mentally agile; she reads, she’s snarky, confident, and independent
  • she’s willful, a non-conformist
  • thinks little of shallow, vapid, instagram-addicted women who throw duck faces and deuces.
  • she’s responsible. Has sensible shoes and nails. She might wear makeup, but it’s tasteful and minimal. She might dress well, but it doesn’t concern her too much.

So how does her transformation happen?

I think there are hints of it at first. Aspects that reveal themselves over time, denoting her transformation. I don’t think the “how” matters too much – magic or technology. If the transformation is done unkind own to her or against her will, those are very different stories than if she’s submitting of her own accord, or if she’s actively pursing this goal. I like the idea of it happening gradually, and it being something she doesn’t know or understand, at first. This way, the effects play out much more dramatically.

Early on, her needs change. She begins craving attention, desiring that physical acceptance, needs to be alluring and thought of as attractive, sexual. She also begins to crave “things” in a way she didn’t before. She becomes more materialistic, pays more attention to stuff.

Maybe she develops a habit of taking more selfies, the duck face and deuces and other insipid traits creep into this behavior. She starts making herself up more seriously, drawing out her eyes and lips in a very sexualized way.


She becomes much more aware of her own body. She sheds her clothing more often, inspects her body and becomes more aware of it. Also, exhibition goes with this – the idea of “look at me; I want to be looked at and desired” starts to well up in her. If these are new to her, it could be disconcerting for her and those around her.

If I needed to add some spice to this, some side-effects of this beginning transformation could be added. For example, she has a taste of cum in her mouth for no reason. This little aspect lays the foundation for increased sexualization.

Her body increases in sensitivity. Not that she didn’t feel pleasure before, but now each part of her delivers sexual arousal, and its amped up. Along with this, her body impressions start to change. Tight clothing, revealing clothing just feels better.

As this starts, she’s naturally going to pay more attention to her look. Make herself up more, change her wardrobe. If she’s still unaware of the cause of her desire to transform, this change will cause tension, in herself and those around her.

“What’s going on??”

Stage 2 – Behavior changes, and bodily transformation starts

Characteristic bimbo-isms start to rear their head. Speech patterns change, and she becomes a bit more manic about her body-insecurity. She either starts changing her body, or if it’s part of the story it starts changing of its own accord at this point. It starts with things she can control – tan and nails and hair, but also effects her body in more fantastical ways – her breasts start to enlarge, as do her lips and maybe even her eyes.

Her habits are definitely changing at this point. Much more attention to social media, specifically her various followings.

Her body is starting to sexually ache, the physical expression of her need for attention. The ache will be worse, and the rewarding of the ache will be more intense. Her nipples will almost always be visible, and her heat will rise. She’ll lick her lips more often, shift her body into pleasing or attention-getting poses. There might be a scent of sex around her, starting to drive men to distraction.

her lashes will get longer, and people will start responding very much to her transformation at this point. She will be constantly changing, and noticing the change.

What drama does this cause?

Stage 3 – Objectification


Her breasts are now so different and large they can’t be obscured. She’s more tan, her eyelashes are long. Her posture has changed; more aching, more posing and pouting. her lips are plump, way beyond “average’ and what they were. her hair is fuller and thicker. Even her eyes are larger. She’s a sexual object now.

The response around her

She definitely gets much more male attention. Staring, open mouths, the opening of doors, paying for thing, unanticipated gifts, silly fumbling in front of her. Some will stalk her, others will push back the stalkers, seeking her approval. There will be an intense social media response as her popularity explodes.

She’s more touchy, more aroused, more aware of her body, and the bodies of others.

Non-bimbo women start to react negatively at this point, if they weren’t already. They’re catty, openly or subtly. There’s words and sabotage. Other bimbos react positively, sensing one of their own, seeing a kindred soul, and perhaps a rival. Wanna-be bimbos start seeking her out for advice and “mentoring.”

Her clothes are miles from where they used to be. People are responding different to her. she’s aware of the hyper-sexualization and how that drives most things in her new life. She’s much more focused on the surface and superficial, as theses things reinforce her transformation.

All the way she struggles, but in our story she gives in, surrenders, and is transformed.




Some story ideas:

Became what she despised
Non-bimbo hooks up with boy who lusts after bimbo milf. Non-bimbo hates bimbo milf because of some slight, and uses boy for revenge, becomes his coach for the deed. As she hacks into bimbo milf’s life, finds out about her paramours and works her way into her circle, she starts to become drawn into the bimbo archetype, becoming what she previously loathed. In the end the boy uses her, she becomes a full-on reflection of the bimbo milf and starts down the path.

Magical transform
Snarky non-bimbo starts transforming after getting a tattoo. touchpoints are – roommate, boyfriend, boss, co-worker, co-worker’s husband, rival. It’s happening slowly, but it’s definitely happening. She notices each time she gives in to her urges, it slips her further down the slope but feels so good. She struggles, trying to gather information about her transformation as it becomes harder and harder to think straight. Finally she gives herself over to the transformation and…  finds peace? Some sort of ending needed, here.

Early on she had a transformative experience with a blonde bimbo type. She was drawn in, but spurred at a party. Something tremendously hot happened, but then traumatic. They both got punished together, our girl caught sight of the a tattoo, a tramp stamp that the bimbo had. She tracked down the girl’s artist and after some very disgusting bargaining ( sets her baseline more for transformation ) she gets the tattoo. That’s when things start happening.

Light at first. Starts noticing men more, attention, and craves attention. Libido starting to throb, too. Goes through the stages.

Future – some type ( snarky, wife, criminal, manager, something ) is cycled into pleasure slavery. The physical transformation is part of the package when she submits to the punishment. Her body changes as well as her mind as she moves through the process of becoming a pleasure slave. Her body changes slowly as she is trained and changed. “Many years of research has led us to a clear idea of what men desire. You are not it. But you will be.”

A Living doll
Submissive girl gives herself over to be transformed by a sometimes-cruel man, who wants to use her for his own purposes. Ultimately shaping her into his vision of a perfect form so that he can profit off of her. Transformation definitely involves a physical change, as well as mental.

The Specialist
The billionaire bimbo coach – a man sculpts women into his idea of what beautiful is. His team of specialists transform a woman so that she is a kind of erotic work of art, changing in body mind and spirit. She submits to him out of a sense of revenge.

In her best interest
She’s drawn to objectification and transformation, needs the attention. She studies and learns, becomes obsessed with the clothes and the idea of transformation. She starts to transform. Then she gets a coach.