control and use, in polite society

by Parker Dupris



It never fails to make me smile, how vivid and intense a fantasy it is to be controlled, and to be used.

I don’t mean “used” as in “he made me co-sign for a car loan and then bailed out on me!”

I mean the fantasy where he ( they? ) takes your body and uses it explicitly for his own pleasure. Where it’s not about fluffy love, and it’s certainly not about making you cum first.

It’s unrestrained, no-apologies primal use of your body for his sexual pleasure. It’s about you being a toy, an object, a receptacle of his lust and seed. It’s him getting to the point where he’s not even paying attention to your moans, the way your body is arching. He’s mounted you, he’s taking you, owning you through the act, and by God he’s going to finish.

Put his warm seed up inside your dirty, tight little hole.

And although you shouldn’t, although you’d never ask or talk about it with him, it’s the kind of thing you’re craving. All your life and all his life he’s been taught to be respectful, to make you a partner in everything, to ask and check as he seduces you.

But sometimes, you just want to be fucked. Within an inch of your life. Used like a toy, like a conquered woman being dominated by a conquering soldier as a spoil of war.

Or something.

I feel like some gender roles are woven so tightly in who we are, that even years of society nicety and trying really hard to be polite can’t really drive it out of us.

Sometimes, you just want, just need, just burn for him coming in, bending you over the table, and taking what he wants. Screw what your mother told you.

There’s a great book that discusses this at length – it’s called “Just Fuck Me!” I recommend you read a few reviews. I didn’t have anything to do with the writing, but I can definitely see the allure of the message.

From a guy’s point of view, it’s about a kind of surrender. I renouncing if only for a few moments of all the things we’ve been taught about how we should be. I’m not talking about anything illegal here; I’m talking about what’s bouncing around in our heads.

It’s about taking, about owning, mastering, about having something you desire so strongly, following that biological drive all the way down the lightening stroke from the sky all the way deep into the ground. So to speak. It’s about abandon, and flow. It’s about unleashing that particular part of who you are, for a moment.

I don’t read shifter fiction, but I bet this is part of it; the whole werewolf, wearbear, or were-whatever thing. When the moon is full and the dick is hard, I shed this “normal human” thing and just follow my instincts to N.

I think this can happen in the moment, but also over time. Maybe from a woman’s point of view a man who is controlling, a man who would use is powerful in a way an inhibited man would not be. He’s someone who, when push came to shove, would do what needed to be done. Without flinching or backing down.

I see this in a lot of the Top 100 of Amazon erotica. And in a lot of roleplay prompts. It seems born out by my own experiences and conversations as well.

What do you think?



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