general yumminess

by Parker Dupris



Here I’m just gathering a list of little details that call out to me as sensually alluring, things that might not be totally obvious or mainstream that nudge up my interest, re-invite my eyes, or set my mind to thinking hmmmmmm, there might be a story here. There are definitely more overt alluring things, but here’s a list of the more subtle items of interest. These are in no particular order…

  • a girl putting her hair up
  • running her hand slowly through her hair, that cascade gesture
  • a girl helping another adjust a top
  • the yawn that exposes her chest, drawing her top tightly across her breasts
  • a choker necklace
  • thumb rings
  • A French mani
  • Even more: a French pedi – well done feet n toes
  • A fit or curvey pregnant woman in a tight ( yoga ) outfit, totally showing it. Bonus, caressing her belly for some reason
  • A short hairstyle. Bam.
  • Hair worn up
  • Glasses
  • Large-ish hoop earrings
  • A nip piercing showing through
  • Tramp stamp tattoo, shown just for a moment
  • Graceful smoking
  • Knee high socks/stockings
  • Matching bra and panties
  • Lactation – just the idea that she is
  • Adjusting the bra
  • Biting the lip
  • Dressing just a little too young and hip for her age; trying a little too hard, giving off that hint of desperation. A little too much makeup also fits in, here
  • dangling the shoe
  • Top of thong showing; whale tail
  • The hint of a back tattoo
  • Stockings, always
  • Leg warmers. Very 80s, but for some reason they turned me on muchly.
  • Bandana, worn to tie up the hair, peasant-style
  • An attractive girl with a crappy car
  • catching her reading erotica in public
  • a book or other object that unintentionally draws attention to her body