gorean roleplay primers

by Parker Dupris


Before I wrote erotic short fiction, I was a roleplayer. Online, chat-based roleplay. I really enjoyed it, but it was a massive time sink. It was like the sexual-creativity equivalent of a serious gym routine for a few years.

My favorite setting was Gor, a place detailed in over 30 novels by a guy named John Norman. The writing is tedious, but the collection of books is a huge repository of fuel for a creative fire, if your thing is the D/s or erotic Master/slave dynamic. A serious amount of the material is about this, in one way or another.

And if details are your thing…  you haven’t seen detailed, until you sink into a couple of the novels. The Gorean roleplayers I spent time with on AOL Gor ( clearly back in the day ) were amazing; creative, invested, articulate and learned.

My most memorable character was of the caste of Teachers, and in the spirit of the role I developed three posts/docs for Gorean roleplay newbies – one introducing Gor, one detailing how a newbie might play a male warrior character, the last orienting someone interested in playing a kajira; a female pleasure slave character.

Good times.