Genre Watch – Bimbofication

by Parker Dupris


I have to admit, I’m intrigued.

When I say the word “bimbo” we all know what I’m talking about – vapid, plastic little bunny re-cast at great effort into the likeness of a living Barbie Doll. Invariably blonde, swollen lips, enormous and clearly unnatural chest. Almost certainly not a set of healthy life choices in the real world… but in the fantasy realm of erotica, there’s a bit of gold there.

Bimbo-ism is definitely about sexuality. It’s the incarnation of the petty, surface, shallow always-on lust that soaks a lot of our culture. The idea of the bimbo likeness is about serious attention, drawing the eye in a very purposeful, sexualized way. “Look at me,” mutters the Bimbo through swollen lips. “Tell me that I’m alluring. Desire me. Buy me pretty things.”

From a story point of view, I think the transformation is what’s key – either something she does purposefully for some ( perhaps bent ) reason, or something that’s forced upon her through technical or magical means.

Her body changes over time, and this causes corresponding ripples in her life. The nature of her mind also transforms; those stereotypical traits become hers and that change unfolds. The need for attention, the hyper-sexuality, the shallowness. All fertile topics for fiction. She struggles against it, feels the old her slip away in favor of this new persona. Sexualized and objectified, she’s becoming the embodiment of that base-level lust most men deny but so many men stare at, transfixed.

To that, add someone controlling all of this, and their journey. Any of the Golden Twelve sub-genres of erotica can be mingled with Bimbofication: BDSM, Billionaires, Werewolves/shifters, and so on.