Heroine peril

by Parker Dupris


I just discovered the subgenre “heroine peril,” and while strictly speaking the theme of super-powered damsels being placed in distress is not -only- featured in erotica, there is a serious potential for, er, titillation, here.


A super-powered female looking to fight crime, do good, and be in general be an outstanding example of strength and virtue for other women gets herself captured.


Forced to submit.

Compelled to do who-can-guess-how-many-filthy-things at the whim of a powerful villain looking to debase and despoil our young lady.

There is undoubtedly a struggle. Perhaps with damage to her costume. She puts up an amazing fight, but by some means she is at length restrained, and now has absolutely no choice but to acquiesce to her captor’s foul wishes.

Does she plead? Does she struggle against her bonds? Does her body betray her? Does she undergo serious emotional changes and revelations based on her ordeal of submission?

Indeed. Much to build on, here.

So far, my research into fiction along these lines has turned up surprising few authors, of dismal quality. My search continues, but I think I’ll start banging away in this area and see what I can come up with, interest-wise.

If you have any references for fiction, discussions about this particular niche, or artwork, I’m all ears.