The future of sex

by Parker Dupris


Could this be a more pretentious title?

On one of the forums I participate on, an erotica writer asked what we all thought the future of sex might look like: customs, permissiveness, and so on. As I look around today at the apps and interfaces and anecdotes, I think about what has come before and take some guesses about the future, especially as it could relate to stories I could tell.

virtual sex has -way- more fidelity
Today we have sexting, a little ways ago we has cybersex in chat messages, in some places we add visuals to this, but really it’s all down to the same thing – sharing a sexual experience with someone not-there-physically, through a digital medium. With more tech advance, this could evolve in all sorts of ways: accessing or “jacking in” ( ha ) and meeting someone ( anyone ) in any virtual situation and doing anything at all, and having it feel “real” to all senses. Want someone to look like a stepsibling or buddy’s gf or celebrity? No problem.

With Tinder and Grindr we see very fast evolution of the hookup culture; where does this evolve to? Apps that do it automatically – find, sort, preselect, and intro automatically based on history, preferences, etc. For example, my hookup app icon has a number “3” in the top right hand corner, meaning in the coffeeshop I’m sitting in now there are 3 partners who are dtf based on my preferences. How I see this also evolves, right? Maybe I don’t look at my phone and see I have a push notification on the app. Maybe my personal digital assistance just paints this info ( and highlights those peeps ) in my vision, via overlay or painted somehow on my retinas. My app could probably also suggest what specific things we like in common, or should try, or third people we should contact to join in on the fun.

Non-people partners
Ever get stuck talking to a bot? Sometimes the convo can go on for a while before you realize it’s a bot you’re talking to. In the future, maybe all these virtual ways of getting off can involve non-people actors. That admin program at your office, your buddy’s house program ( the app that runs his physical house, and conveniently has a voice and avatar to interact with )… maybe you can fool around ( virtually ) with these. Have affairs with them. Also, as above we talk about using someone else’s likeness by itself or painted over another actor during digital sexytimes, there’s also the idea that in the future ( maybe based on social media, public record scrapes, and personality models ) you’d be able to build or access an extrapolation of a given person so that they seemed like the one in question. Digital, but in that virtual environment seemed real and acted like that person would. Maybe you could license or rent out your simulacrum for this kind of use. Or make a pretty penny by crafting or stealing a popular one.

Pocket “worlds.”
Sort of dovetailing with most of the above, there’d probably be virtual venues catering to -any- kink you could think of.

Straight culture and custom differences/changes?
More open about sexuality, probably. Less privacy about everyone’s kinks, more ways to live that double life. More commoditization of the sexual experience… and since it’s easier to get, the gold will be in personalization, extremism, and uniqueness. Our sexual lives could acquire a digital “shadow” or expression, much like our “regular” social lives have with FB, Instagram, and so on.