here we go

by Parker Dupris



“To what do you attribute your success?”

“I exercise control over all aspects of my life, Miss Steele.”

“That must be really boring.”


I have to say, I’m looking forward to the movie. But even more I’m looking forward to the reactions to the movie. The public conversation about naughty stuff, the increased sales of erotica, and as I summon my inner anthropologist I am very aware and profoundly intrigued in how our reading habits and conversation will change as this story and ( inevitably ) others become more mainstream.

About that quote, above: I am so very intrigued and drawn in real life to the person just on the very edge of discovering something about the D/s power dynamic. I think we all have a bit of it inside, each of us laying on the spectrum between dominant and submissive. When we’re not even aware of that, the thought of awakening that sense, tickling those never and seeing those wheels turn for the first few times is delicious to me. I had an amazing submissive teach me how to bring my dominant side out, and in turn I have been an able to teacher to submissives I’ve come across.

So to speak.

But waking that up in someone…  mmmmmmm.