the erotic, in plain sight

by Parker Dupris




Two heartbeats before this moment, her hands were at her sides and she was just trying to burn through your focus as you concentrated on something not-her. In truth her body probably spoke of her desire for you, the heat on a chain pulled tightly, in every little way – mouth open slightly, eyes wide, leaning towards you, hands on her own body with her wrists showing, looking down then back up at you. All the signs were there.

But you were focusing on your work. Until you weren’t. Until you locked eyes. 

Then knowing you were watching she fondled her breast, pinched her own nipple until she gasped, and raised her skirt just a bit. You can see bare midriff, you can see her chewing on her lower lip. You can see need in her eyes. 

She was right there in plain sight, the whole time.