by Parker Dupris

Do you like Facebook?


Lots of people do. There are certainly things -not- to like about Facebook… corporate mining of the Social Graph, inane advertisements, myRandomSketchyWebsite.com that wants you to use your Facebook credentials to sign up or for “a better user experience” so they can have access to all your yummy personal info, games or apps that pester you to notify other people, inane rants from other people that make their way into your feed, the social pressures of having to “Friend” everyone on the planet because that’s just what you do, and so on.


Wow…  that’s a lot to not like. But even with all this, I still like Facebook for it’s ability to connect me with the world. The broader world, in which most of the people I know participate. But what about all the sex people?


The fetihists, the erotica readers and writers? What about the subs, the Doms, the Tops, bottoms, slaves, Kitties, Ponies, and all the people who are in-the-know about what I do with this whole writing thing? I can’t exactly post a link to a hot porn scene in my Facebook feed, or write a Note about my own opinion about the difference between a Dominant and a Master.


I suppose I could make another Facebook account, and only friend up and talk to those people. But there probably won’t be a lot of other people doing this, and it’s unlikely that all of us would connect under our “vanilla” identities.


There’s this thing called “FetLife“. It’s a social network that’s kinda like Facebook, although less polished from an interface point of view. To be fair, the peeps behind FetLife do a good job without the pretty-much-limitless resources over at FB HQ, and one thing they do exceedingly well, much better than Facebook ever could, is bring together the Sex People. The whole social network is comprised of people whom you can share that part of your life with. Are you a dude that likes to dress up like a nun and get smacked piñata-style by leatherboys? Are you a Soccermom daydreaming of gangbangs? The coed who’s just finished a “borrowed” copy of Fifty Shades of OMFG and who now looks at the in-charge Econ professor in a whole different light?


FetLife is for you.


One thing I really like about FetLife is the top navigation, the labels across the top that let you visit different parts of the site or bis of functionality. They’re laid out pretty well, with “Kinky & Popular” showcasing the new stuff, “Groups” giving you access to zillions of different groups based on kinks, or blends of kinks, “Places” which ties kinksters together by geography, “Events” which -you guessed it- showcases various events from invite-only Eyes Wide Shut type affairs to come-one-come-all ( heh ) munches at the local diner where everyone looks normal and shares lots of knowing glances and innuendo. There’s a “More” section that features particular fetishes, writing, and video.


What more could a pervert want?


I really like the inter web for its ability to tie people together, to provide soooooo many resources on things that were not terribly easy to learn about before we were all so connected. FetLife fills a pretty serious Niche for the Sex People, tying them together with one another. With Shibari rope.


If only, eh?   :  )