magical sigil story ideas

by Parker Dupris

mark me.

While cruising the Story Idea forum over at I came across someone describing a story idea where a girl receiving an arcane rune as a tattoo had very sensual side effects. I replied to the thread with a few of my own ideas about short stories that might have sexually-charged tattoos as a major plot point. After posting the list and receiving some very positive feedback, I thought they might come together in a nice compilation at some point

It’s a Sigil of Summoning; after getting the tatt she’s visited by a parade of supernatural entities… all intent on making her their new plaything. The tatt might give them power over her, but also give her some ability to dictate things, but perhaps she needs to develop that skill. Some entities might be up front, aggressive and just bent on taking her, some perhaps are a bit more subtle, toying with her, seducing her, perhaps trading some knowledge for her willingness to submit. They can visit in dreams, or in reality as formless-become-solid. Maybe even a few of them can posses people she knows.

A powerless girl researches ways to be more confident and aggressive, less a victim. She finds an ancient Rune of Robustness, taken up by a sect of women in days long past. It’s a symbol of power, conveying upon the girl an ability to control; to seduce, to entice, and to render others powerless with some sort of sexual need. She develops this power inadvertently, but as she learns to ( kind of ) control it, it corrupts her. The story could go in many directions, here. Understanding that power can corrupt, and that corruption could be delicious, might be central.

Sign of Submission. A normally headstrong girl gets this tattoo she sees from an old book on magic, only to slowly discover it accents the submissive side of her personality. Slowly at first, she finds herself submitting. As she moves more to this new mindset, fueled by the power of the sign, she finds herself in more and more serious situations… submitting in small ways to authority figures, rivals, and then groups. This works better if she’s introduced as dominant, and we can see the power of the sign start to consume her. Perhaps as she opens herself up to submission, she receives some sort of power as magical pay-off; the ability to control her appearance, to attract, to halt aging, etc.

Mark of Fertility. It’s the mark an ancient order or priestesses used to place upon a sacrificial woman, to be given up as the mother of a god or powerful magician. The girl receiving this tattoo will conceive if any seed is spilled with her womb, and she is in -heat- from the moment the tattoo is inked and healed. It might be a better story if she’s aware of this from the very beginning, through dreams or flashes, resistant to it. Perhaps it’s specialized… only a particular kind of man ( perhaps not her current man, oh dear ) can plant his seed within her; all other sorts are rendered inert, but it’s this specific type that she becomes feverish to find. At some point, she finds such a man and seduces him, allowing him to breed her. An interesting twist might be that the next man who fits this type ( or this new type ) and spills into her gives up some part of who he is, that her baby might be all the more powerful upon it’s birth. So as she grows in her pregnancy, she becomes obsessed with the next, then the next, type of man, type of seed.

Hieroglyph of Hathor. Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love, sex, music and dancing. A girl who gets this tatt slowly starts to change. Whether it’s actually the long-distant goddess Hathor coming into being inside this girl’s body, or just the rune bringing the power that’s long been stored up in the symbology of the goddess that the Egyptians “paid” for long ago with their worship, our girl starts to change. Her body changes, more curvy and vivacious. Milk was used in a lot of Hathor’s rituals, so her breast begin producing milk ( that possesses some kind of magical effect, of course ) even though she’s not pregnant. She has a growing power to entice others, to bring out their sexual side for better or worse, and she begins using this power. To solve her own problems, then others’ problems. Sex and dancing and music start to become sources of power for this girl. First one, and then several others ( women and/or men ) start to “serve” her. Incidentally at first, but then devotedly, more and more the effect of the Egyptian goddess coming to her. In the end, some problem she had is now either conquered, or is not a problem at all as she starts to deify.

Device of Debt. The tatt is a magical device symbolic of a debt a sorceress owed a family in ages past. The sorceress never paid the debt, but now as the wearer of the tattoo our girl now owes the debt. And of course, it’s very sexual in nature. Any male in the family ( or female? ) now has amazing power over the girl, but it’s a learning process for them all. Perhaps the girl found the symbol poking around in the books of old family history, and the boyfriend’s father recognizes it and begins to make use of it. Soon more family members are availing themselves of the lovely girl who now owes this intense debt to the family. She becomes distraught, torn by the things the tatt might be “making” her do, trying to come to grips with how this makes her feel, and the different ways other members of this family discover and start to extract her sensual “atonement.”

Seal of the Sisterhood. Two friends get the same mysterious tattoo that they discovered, just because ( or does one have an agenda, here? ) , and it bonds them together. Though they’re very different girls, they start to become aware of each other sensually… not just developing an attraction for one another, but they begin to make use of one another’s gifts and character traits, especially when it comes to sexual activity. They also seem to be able to “feel” the other… remotely or through dreams, reliving and experiencing the other’s sexual activity, alone or with another. This brings them closer together, closer than sisters after a while, and when they decide to share a partner between them, they unlock another level of their new found “abilities”, the resonance being so powerful. At that point, their goal is clear: recruit more members into the Sisterhood, and expand their sensual power.

Brand of Ownership. Our girl gets the classic tramp stamp, but has no idea how this particular one is infused with arcana. When it becomes wet with hot cum, it bestows power upon her, feeling like an electrical charge and enabling her to do things she couldn’t normally do; simple things like stay away a long time, do better in studies, whatever. She starts to understand, to make the connection, so she experiments. She finds out itt only works once per “sacrificer”, so this normally conservative girl looks to have more and more guys splash hot cum on her new stamp. As it turns out, she learns after more than a few guys, that each time she’s let a guy mark her this way, she’s become his property, and owes him service. One by one they start to realize this. The tattoo artist that recommended the brand knew about it all along, and has a particular service he’d like to require from the girl…

Logo of learning. A bookish girl gets a tattoo that happens to be infused with magical power. Upon getting it done, she feels com[pelled, drawn to a particular type of sex act she’s never done. She’s fascinated, but soon gives in and lets herself go, tries it. Upon climax, she feels something unlock within her; some power, some change. It’s an epiphany. Soon she discovers the tattoo has changed; grown in a way. The first mark is there, but now there’s another; a different mark, but one that seems to fit with the first like a piece of a puzzle. needs different types of activity to unlock other kinds of power. The appearance of this new mark seems to be accompanied with a fascination, then obsession with a new type of sexual experience, and soon this formerly shy bookworm is on a path of sensual knowledge to unlock the arcana slowly revealing itself on her own body.