The Teacher/student dynamic, part 1

by Parker Dupris

A perennial favorite among fantasies, the Teacher/student ( T/s ) dynamic calls to mind plenty of stereotypes; stern discipline of wayward students, guided explorations of sensual unknowns, desperate pleas for help with grade scores, and hints of the daddy/daughter fantasy all come to mind.

A teacher is in a position of authority, and is by definition more experienced and knowledgeable; the student is eager, needy, and must be compliant. The sensual play in T/s is taboo; Teachers are -not- supposed to use their positions to seduce students… and students are not supposed to wear at the sexual defenses of their teachers. But it happens, in many delicious ways. When it does, it’s usually the teacher taking the lead, bringing the student into new ( or at least forbidden ) realms.

Something a bit different

As a spin on the typical dynamic, sometimes it’s the student who is the aggressor; knowing what she wants, she confidently and aggressively goes after it, using just what she has at her disposal, or perhaps something darker such as blackmail, mind altering or influencing tactics, and so on.

The more, the merrier?

Maybe there is more than one student with a particular problem that needs solving… or more than one teacher that does the solving.


A private school uniform typically includes a white button-down blouse or shirt, jumpers, pleated skirts ( pants for the males ), socks, shoes, a tie, and perhaps sport coats or jackets There can be other additions or changes to this, of course… a messenger bag or backpack, a walking stick or cane, some kind of hat or headwear, a scarf, a sash, gloves, boots, stockings, a cloak, and so forth. The items reflect the school’s colors, and usually have the school’s crest or coat of arms displayed somehow.

Teachers typically dress in more formal versions of what the student wear, darker and more “grown up”, less colorful. Robes are not uncommon, but teachers might also be required to dress formally but in nothing that resembles the school’s uniform.