A Hawaiian ghost story

by Parker Dupris

—–snip ——KamehamehaThe whole scene was getting very strange. He and his outfit, the glyphs. Now his preternatural voice. I looked into his eyes, and he asked again.

“She is yours?”

I nodded, slowly.
He looked down at her again

“She is beautiful,” he said, simply. “Strong.” I nodded again.

Slowly he moved to her, and instantly my throat tightened up. Although he seemed peaceful enough at this moment, there was very little I could do, if his mood changed.
This was not a situation I was used to being in.

He knelt down to her, and touched her hair. Broad fingers and a flat palm stroked through her soft hair, and started to caress the sm

ooth skin of Pia’s back. He was tracing a slow pattern with his fingertips and palm. She was still lying on her tummy, kind of curled up, but she responded to the touch


I knew she would.

After sort of a long breath in she moved, laying herself out a bit flatter and exposing herself so he had more of her back to caress, though she didn’t completely come around. She was still in a sort of dream-state, perhaps due to her fall.
I watched this happen, a spectator almost as if I wasn’t in the room. I felt a bizarre mix of powerlessness, arousal and control. My body was not registering him as a threat, despite the intimate way he was now touching my wife. I knew somehow if I raised an objection, he would back off.
But I didn’t raise one, and he didn’t back off.


This is from a short story I wrote; a combo ghost story, Hawaiian historical narrative ( a rather loose one ), and bit of erotica. as I have mentioned, I am working on the writing thing. Practice makes perfect, eh?